Terrazzo flooring has been a popular choice in South Florida for over a hundred years and is still being installed today. With the right terrazzo restoration services and maintenance, they have been proven to last a over lifetime. 

With over 10 years of experience, you can count on First Class to restore your terrazzo back to its original beauty.  

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Terrazzo Restoration AND POLISHING Services

  • Terrazzo Diamond Grind/Hone/Resurface  to remove etching, scratches, stains and discoloration from the top layer.
  • Terrazzo Polishing – Bring back the Shine and enhances the color of the Terrazzo and the chips in the floor.
  • Sealing – We use the best sealer for your floor to protect it from future damage or staining.
  • Repair chips, cracks or holes with colorized epoxy and marble chips.
  • We also remove tile, carpet, linoleum and vinyl covering terrazzo floors.

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